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Electronic Methods is a digital design and development agency in Westlake Village, located in the greater Los Angeles area. Our focus is on crafting beautiful interfaces and building technologies with an impeccable attention to detail.

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Chrono Sailor

Time Management App

What started out as an internal time logging application within our company, Chrono Sailor has now become a time management application focused on an interactive user experience. Chrono Sailor features various captains and boats for the user to choose from, as well as a quest-like rewards system for when you reach project milestones.

Designed for individuals, teams, and enterprises, Chrono Sailor aims to make your projects and management a more enjoyable and entertaining experience while proving to be as efficient as possible.


Electronic Health Record App

MedCordance is a cloud-based, patient-centered Electronic Health Record application designed by physicians to improve patient outcomes through real-time integration for all providers involved in patient care.

For the last year, we've been focused on designing and programming a beautiful interface purpose built for stressful environments like the emergency room. The challenge is to create something both hyper-efficient and feature rich, yet extremely easy to use and understand at first glance. It meets HIPAA standards for security and personal health information, and constantly polls the database for the latest updates made by thousands of health care professionals.

Marcarelli Design

Custom Wordpress Website

Marcarelli Design Inc. is an interior design and construction company that partners with its customers to transform, design, and build their dream environments.

The goal with the Marcarelli Design website was to match their interior design style within a similarly conceptualized user interface, and showcase their collection of beautiful project photos. The home page is of particular interest due to it's dynamic interface depending on the user's device, and the full screen images that are certain to command attention. Also included is a custom built Wordpress plugin for before and after photos.


Electronic Methods works with clients from a wide array of industries including entertainment, healthcare, business, finance, and education.

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Web/iOS/Android Application
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